With an unequaled sense of style and an artist’s eye for visual perfection, Kathy designs homes for the lifestyles her clients’ desire.  A firm believer that one’s home should improve quality of life and support individual lifestyles, she creates interiors that are as beautiful as they are functional.  Whether it is preparing meals together in a wonderful, functional kitchen, entertaining family and friends on a patio or in an inviting dining room or relaxing at the end of the day in a fabulous bedroom, a room designed by Master Plan Interiors will please all the senses.

Known for her thorough approach to design, Kathy is an expert at developing plans for existing spaces, new construction, additions, renovations and architectural improvements to existing spaces.  Services include the selection of furnishings, fabrics, color scheme, flooring, fixtures, custom window and bedding treatments, as well as the perfect accessories to support and enhance the design.

Having over thirty years experience, each design displays Kathy’s unique mastery of design, pattern and color.

Working With Us

For us, the fist step in the design process is to listen to you as you describe your needs and your preferences. Design is a collaborative process, but the goal is to develop a beautiful, livable solution for you, without imposing our style. Being approachable and adaptable are part of our design philosophy. We’re continually learning—from you, each other, our peers, continuing education, and from the design world around us–that’s what keeps our ideas and solutions fresh. Traditional or contemporary, classically elegant or simply modern, the best solutions start and end with the needs and dreams of our clients and employ our expertise to reach the best design solution.

We realize no two clients or projects are the same, and so we’re quite flexible in how we work with our clients. Each relationship is tailored to meet the needs of the project, and set up to make you, the client, comfortable with both our process and your investment. We ask questions, listen carefully, then draw on the collective experience of our design team as well as a wealth of industry resources to formulate a master plan. Finally, we create, paying close attention to each wish and every detail along the way. The outcome is rewarding and uniquely yours. It is our goal to make your project a stress-free process, and to give you a master plan that gives shape to your space and life to your dreams, one that you will enjoy for years to come.