• Petite Chateau
    Vew Project

    Petite Chateau

    This French Style Home is designed to suit the formal taste of the owners who love to entertain formally and

  • Contemporary Townhouse
    Vew Project

    Contemporary Townhouse

    The juxtaposition of contemporary design elements in this traditional townhome creates a dramatic open floor plan. The kitchen, dining room

  • Center Hall Colonial
    Vew Project

    Center Hall Colonial

    Designing a new, light filled space with custom, glazed cabinetry has made this kitchen a delight for the lady of

  • Downsizing
    Vew Project


    Moving into a newly constructed retirement home usually mean white walls and little personality. Choosing what to take

  • Family Home at the Beach
    Vew Project

    Family Home at the Beach

    Treasures from the beach spark memories of vacations this family hold dear. The family gathering room was designed to give

  • 60′s Redo
    Vew Project

    60′s Redo

    The addition to this charming  home provided the space needed for a functional new kitchen and  family dining area that

  • Contemporary Master Bath
    Vew Project

    Contemporary Master Bath

    This renovation project that began as a 1960's compartmentalized, dark, bathroom is now an open, light filled, Contemporary Master Bath

  • Craftsman Renovation
    Vew Project

    Craftsman Renovation